Can a tanker vessel also be a bulk cargo vessel?
Yes, if you have the support of SISRAC International and their new innovative and versatile modern vessel design behind you.

SISRAC International to the Rescue!!

It is not uncommon to see a tanker vessel returning to its home port empty. The reason is simple -- tanker vessels are not designed to conveniently carry bulk cargo. SISRAC International's new and innovative idea will improve the tanker company's bottom line through interchangeable cargo carrying capabilities and lightweight graphite reinforced insulated collapsible tanks. On outbound expeditions tankers can carry extremely pure liquid cargo at temperatures between 100C to +260C. Then, instead of wasting the homebound resources without carrying any cargo, the collapsible tanks can be folded down to allow the tanker to carry bulk cargo.

There are many pieces of industrial equipment and industrial machinery that run on wet cell acid based batteries. This equipment is usually used in the movement of goods from one point to another. A good example of this type of equipment is the fork truck.

There are numerous batteries needed to operate a fork truck. In the current design, these batteries are placed in a steel box to support them and capture excess acid that is accidentally spilled from the batteries. These containers are usually quite heavy and the acid is extremely corrosive to the container. Repainting is the norm for these secondary containers such that the maintenance cost can become overwhelming as the fork truck ages.

SISRAC International to the Rescue!!

SISRAC International's solution to this problem is to make these boxes using an acid and chemical resistant composite material that is lightweight. The container is engineered for customer assembly. The transportation of a compact box is beneficial to the customer.

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