The transportation of liquid propane from the North Sea to consumers requires the use of 8-mm thick steel cylinders. The weight of these cylinders along with their insulation preclude filling the tanks to their maximum volume due to low draft on the inland river ways or shallow sea ports.

SISRAC International to the Rescue!!

SISRAC International's Solution to this is the fabrication of tanks using a carbon fiber reinforced composite. Weight reduction of 40 percent or more is anticipated. These and other tanks vary from about 1 meter in diameter and 30 meters in length. Increaed fatigue resistance of the carbon fiber along with built-in insulation will allow the ship owner to improve their bottom line. Vessels carring these tanks may be exempted from the double wall vessel requirement that will take effect soon. This has a significant cost saving to the ship owners.
SISRAC International has listened to the chemical transportation cry for:
  • Lightweight Tanks
  • More Carrying Capacity
  • Extremly Versatile Tanks (capable of carrying any chemical ever made by mankind)
  • A Tank That Is Functional For Ground, Sea or Air Transportation
  • A Tank With A Built-In Floatation Membrane
  • Impact Arrestor Membrane For Double Hull Cargo Transport Ships Used To Carry Chemical Cargo
  • An Outer Wall That Begs to be Flamed, But Resists
  • A Tank That Has Integral Color-Coded Outside Walls For A Variety Of Cargo That Rejects Recoating of Maintenance

SISRAC International Corporation
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